Adding a Pop of Color to Your Space with Textiles

We all have general color schemes we are drawn to in our homes, whether it's an eclectic approach or a more neutral one. These design guidelines have already been set into motion in our lived-in spaces, reflecting our personal styles. But what if you want to introduce a pop of something fun and colorful without committing to a complete overhaul of the room? Home textiles, like throw blankets and cushions, offer a fantastic way to do this. They allow you to inject vibrant hues without making a huge commitment to an overall redesign.

Throw blankets, in particular, are versatile and can easily be swapped out to match the changing seasons or your evolving tastes. They are perfect for adding an accent color or pattern that breathes new life into your space without overwhelming your existing decor. Additionally, throws provide warmth and comfort, making them both a practical and stylish choice for your home.

Why Throw Blankets Are Perfect for Adding Color

Throw blankets are a fun way to solve this issue for three reasons:

  1. Versatility: You can have a selection of throws that you trade out depending on the season or other items in your room. This allows you to refresh your space regularly without much effort.
  2. Functional Art: The nature of a highly designed throw, like what we at Tuxberry & Whit specialize in, is that they are essentially a work of art for your living space. Rather than being a painting on a wall, they are functional art that looks beautiful draped over a couch.
  3. Texture and Warmth: Textiles not only add color but also a cozy texture, enhancing the sensory experience of your space. A well-chosen throw can make your room feel more inviting and comfortable.

Spotlight on Our Colorful Throws: Cactus and Poppy Eucalyptus

At Tuxberry & Whit, we have two standout throws that are perfect for adding a pop of color to your home: the Cactus Throw and our bestselling Poppy Eucalyptus Throw. The Cactus Throw features a vibrant palette of pink, coral, aqua, black, white, and hunter green, making it an eye-catching addition to any room. It can effortlessly enhance a neutral space or complement an eclectic decor style.

Our Poppy Eucalyptus Throw, a customer favorite, combines coral, aqua, gold yellow, black, white, and hunter green. This throw not only adds a burst of color but also brings a touch of nature-inspired elegance to your space. Both throws are designed with intricate patterns and high-quality materials, ensuring they are as durable as they are beautiful.