A Tale of 2 Sisters

Tuxberry & Whit is the combined efforts of two sisters—sisters who are 2/3 of triplets. It’s a story of sisters whose creative passions and desire to stay connected while living oceans apart prompted a business. Together they make things they like and share those things with others (a rewarding exchange when they get to see how similar their own experiences are to their customers).

Today, while one sister sketches in Santa Fe, the other is handling the digital side in Denver and coordinating printing in Montana. In every step of the process, they work hard to honor their Western roots and give nod to their heritage.

The name Tuxberry & Whit is a play on family names. Tuxberry was a relative’s name on our mother’s side (colloquial, salt of the Earth, drop-biscuit-loving southern family). Whit was the high school nickname for our dad’s mother (a fiercely independent, horse-riding ranch girl who finally pierced her ears in her early 80’s when convinced by her best friend).

The sisters love good stories - old, new, and still to come. Even more, they love bringing them to life in their products. Their blankets were based on an original sketch of a buffalo, a symbol of the Mountain West. The cards capture stories of childhood, travels, relationships, and sentiments of love, thanks, humor and encouragement. They will continue living life together, and in-turn, create work based on the special moments that happen in between.