California Art Print

California Art Print


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California Dreaming: A Golden State Journey

Art Print by Tuxberry & Whit

Description: Dive into the vibrant energy and diverse beauty of California with this stunning hand-illustrated print by Tuxberry & Whit. This artwork encapsulates the essence of the Golden State, from its iconic landmarks to its natural wonders, in a style that is both modern and whimsical.

Visual Exploration: The adventure begins with the majesty of the San Diego Zoo's lion and the architectural splendor of Balboa Park. The surf culture is represented with a classic surfboard, while Palm Springs' mid-century design and the unique Joshua Tree pay homage to California's desert landscapes.

Iconic Landscapes and Culture: Journey along the historic Route 66 and bask in the sun beneath LA's palm trees. Hollywood's golden era is captured through an old-time film reel, and the stark beauty of Death Valley's dunes is vividly depicted.

Famous Landmarks: Be captivated by the engineering marvel of San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge and the natural splendor of Yosemite National Park. The artwork also features the dynamic California coast with its waves and trees, alongside a grizzly bear and skis symbolizing the winter wonderland of Lake Tahoe.

Versatile Decor & Gift: Perfect for adorning homes or offices, this print is a fantastic conversation starter and an ideal gift for those who love California's eclectic charm.

Crafted by Tuxberry & Whit and printed from their original sketches, this print is not just a piece of art; it's a celebration of California's rich and diverse culture. Add a touch of California's dream to your space with this exquisite, hand-illustrated print!

Print Size: 8 × 10
Stock: 100# Smooth Cover | White
Printed in the Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

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