Idaho Art Print

Idaho Art Print

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Idaho Idyll: A Gem State Adventure

Art Print by Tuxberry & Whit

Journey through the natural grandeur and charming landmarks of Idaho with this exquisitely hand-illustrated print by Tuxberry & Whit. Showcasing the Gem State's varied landscapes and iconic symbols, this artwork is perfect for those who appreciate Idaho's unique blend of wilderness and urban beauty.

Urban and Natural Landmarks: The Boise State Capitol Building stands as a symbol of Idaho's rich political history. Experience the architectural marvel of the Twin Falls Bridge, and the natural splendor of Mesa Falls. Yellowstone National Park, partially in Idaho, offers a glimpse of America's wild heart.

Diverse Landscapes: Traverse the lunar-like terrain of Craters of the Moon and the dramatic depths of Hells Canyon. The serene beauty of Coeur d'Alene and the recreational haven of Sun Valley highlight Idaho's allure as an outdoor paradise.

State Symbols and Wildlife: Idaho's agricultural pride, the potato, is charmingly depicted, along with the rugged mountains that define much of the state's topography. Encounter the majestic mountain goat, elk, and grizzly bear, celebrating Idaho's rich wildlife.

Versatile Decor & Gift: Ideal for bringing a piece of Idaho's spirit into your home or office, this print makes a fantastic addition to any space. It's also a wonderful gift for nature enthusiasts and fans of the Gem State.

Created by Tuxberry & Whit and printed from their original sketches, this print is not just a piece of art; it's a tribute to Idaho's diverse and vibrant character. Add a touch of Idaho's natural beauty and charm to your collection with this exquisite, hand-illustrated print!

Print Size: 8 × 10
Stock: 100# Smooth Cover | White
Printed in the Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

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