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Montana Art Print

Montana Art Print


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Montana Majesty: A Treasure State Adventure

Art Print by Tuxberry & Whit

Description: Embark on a picturesque journey through Montana with this beautifully hand-illustrated print from Tuxberry & Whit. Inspired by the Treasure State's stunning landscapes and rich history, this artwork is perfect for adding a touch of Montana's majesty to any space.

Visual Exploration: The print opens with the breathtaking vistas of Glacier National Park, leading to the historical Lewis and Clark map depicted in Great Falls. Missoula's vibrant Rainbow Trout and the snowy slopes of Helena celebrate Montana's outdoor spirit.

Historical and Cultural Icons: Relive the excitement of the Gold Rush in Butte and the serene hiking trails of Red Lodge. Bozeman's flannel shirts symbolize the state's rustic charm, while the awe-inspiring Yellowstone National Park reminds us of nature's wonders.

Montana's Natural Beauty: Witness the majestic cliffs of Billings and the idyllic Big Sky Country cabins that dot the landscape. The presence of the formidable Grizzly Bear and the delicate Bitterroot, Montana's state flower, beautifully encapsulates the state's wild and gentle sides.

Versatile Decor & Gift: Ideal for Montana enthusiasts or anyone looking to bring a piece of the Treasure State into their home or office. This print makes a wonderful gift, offering a daily reminder of Montana's natural beauty and adventurous spirit.

Crafted by the talented team at Tuxberry & Whit and printed from their original sketches, this print is more than just art; it's a celebration of Montana's diverse and captivating allure. Bring the spirit of Montana into your space with this enchanting art print!

Print Size: 8 × 10
Stock: 100# Smooth Cover | White
Printed in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

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