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Arizona Art Print

Arizona Art Print


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Arizona Tapestry: A Vibrant Desert Journey

Hand-Illustrated Print by Tuxberry & Whit

Discover the enchanting allure of Arizona with this hand-illustrated print by Tuxberry & Whit. Designed by a creative sister duo in Albuquerque and Denver, and printed in Santa Fe, this artwork encapsulates Arizona's diverse landscapes and iconic landmarks in a style that is both modern and playful.

Visual Delights: Marvel at the majestic Grand Canyon, a centerpiece of natural wonder. Journey along Route 66 as it winds through Flagstaff, and bask in the mystical rock formations of Sedona. The Phoenix State Capitol stands proudly, representing Arizona's bustling urban life.

A Tour Through Arizona: This visual odyssey takes you through the Saguaro-studded expanses of Tucson and into the Wild West history of Tombstone. Witness the grace of Antelope in the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge and the quick-footed Road Runner, symbols of Arizona's diverse wildlife.

Desert Beauty: Immerse yourself in the unique desert landscape with depictions of the Prickly Pear and Jumping Cholla cacti. Encounter the native Javelina, and marvel at the Petrified Forest's ancient beauty. The Yuma Desert's vastness rounds out this captivating portrayal of Arizona.

Versatile Decor: Ideal for bringing a slice of Arizona's charm to any setting, this print makes a great addition to home or office spaces and is a thoughtful gift for those who love the Grand Canyon State. It serves as a conversation piece and a vibrant reminder of Arizona's unique beauty.

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Created with care by Tuxberry & Whit and printed in Santa Fe, this print is more than just decor; it's a journey through the heart of Arizona. Add a touch of Southwestern charm to your space with this exquisite, hand-illustrated artwork!

Print Size: 8 × 10
Stock: 100# Smooth Cover | White

Printed in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

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